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IFM Inductive sensors – With IO-Link

KodeInductive sensors – With IO-Link
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With IO-Link

image With IO-Link
  • For a precise position monitoring on machines
  • Reliable transmission of the distance as linearised process value via IO-Link
  • Flexible use thanks to large operating temperature range
  • Very high repeatability
  • Normally closed / normally open and PNP/NPN adjustable via IO-Link
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IFM Inductive sensors – With IO-Link

JUAL IFM Inductive sensors – With IO-Link

  • Sensors
  • Inductive sensors
  • With IO-Link


With IO-Link

  • For a precise position monitoring on machines
  • Reliable transmission of the distance as linearised process value via IO-Link
  • Flexible use thanks to large operating temperature range
  • Very high repeatability
  • Normally closed / normally open and PNP/NPN adjustable via IO-Link


IE5456 IEK3006-FRKG/IO/AS Inductive sensor with IO-Link
IE5457 IEK3003-FRKG/IO/AS Inductive sensor with IO-Link
IF6123 IFK3004BFRKG/IO/US-104 Inductive sensor with IO-Link
IF6124 IFK3007-FRKG/IO/US-104 Inductive sensor with IO-Link
IF6137 IFK4004BFRKG/IO/US-104 Inductive sensor with IO-Link
IF6138 IFK4007-FRKG/IO/US-104 Inductive sensor with IO-Link
IG6214 IGK4007BFRKG/IO/US-104 Inductive sensor with IO-Link
IG6215 IGK4012-FRKG/IO/US-104 Inductive sensor with IO-Link
IG6615 IGK3007BFRKG/IO/US-104 Inductive sensor with IO-Link
IG6616 IGK3012-FRKG/IO/US-104 Inductive sensor with IO-Link
II5973 IIK3012BFRKG/IO/US-104 Inductive sensor with IO-Link
II5974 IIK3022-FRKG/IO/US-104 Inductive sensor with IO-Link
II5983 IIK4012BFRKG/IO/US-104 Inductive sensor with IO-Link
II5984 IIK4022-FRKG/IO/US-104 Inductive sensor with IO-Link
IM5172 IMC3020BFRKG/IO/US-100 Inductive sensor with IO-Link
IM5173 IMC3026-FRKG/IO/US-100 Inductive sensor with IO-Link
IM5183 IMC4020BFRKG/IO/US-100 Inductive sensor with IO-Link
IM5184 IMC4026-FRKG/IO/US-100 Inductive sensor with IO-Link
IQ2008 IQ23007BFRKG/IO/2M/PUR Inductive sensor with IO-Link
IQ2009 IQ23007BFRKG/IO/0.3M/PUR/US Inductive sensor with IO-Link


Inductive sensors – With IO-Link

Inductive sensors with IO-Link can be used as switching sensors with adjustable switch point or measuring systems with a measured value transmitted via IO-Link. The output signal can be configured in numerous ways, the sensor can be set as normally closed or normally open and its polarity as PNP or NPN. This allows reduction of the multitude of types, reducing the cost of stock.
Thanks to the high precision, even the smallest changes in distance can be detected. A warning may be given when the target leaves the set detection zone or comes too close to the sensing face. Possible use cases include e.g. monitoring the true run of a spindle or the tension of a saw blade. With this generation of inductive sensors, one single sensor can be used for three different applications. Whether in factory automation, in applications with coolants and lubricants or in mobile applications – the new ifm technology platform distinguishes itself with universal and permanent usability while guaranteeing high performance, temperature stability and longer sensing ranges.
A large temperature range of -40…85 °C and protection ratings IP 65, IP 66, IP 67, IP 68 and IP 69K guarantee maximum reliability. All data acquired can be transmitted and recorded via IO-Link.


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IFM Inductive sensors – With IO-Link

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